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Tourmaline Self Heating Wrap

Tourmaline Self Heating Wrap

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"No more tossing and turning at night because of neck pain! The neck wrap has revolutionized my sleep. Its soothing warmth and comfortable fit promote relaxation, ensuring I wake up refreshed."

Don't let neck pain hinder your daily life. HeatAuro provides a natural, drug-free solution to alleviate tension and promote overall wellness.

Whether you suffer from muscle stiffness, stress, or discomfort, our neck wrap offers a gentle and effective way to find relief.

How Does it Work?

When you wear Blesnia, the tourmaline stones and self-heating fabric begin to activate upon contact with air. It gradually warms up, providing a gentle and consistent heat that helps alleviate muscle soreness, increase mobility, and reduce discomfort.

The breathable fabric ensures optimal heat distribution while preventing excessive sweating or discomfort, allowing you to experience the full benefits of tourmaline therapy.

Tourmaline is also known for its ability to emit negative ions, offering health benefits. These negative ions balance energy, induce calmness, and enhance vitality, benefiting the neck and overall well-being.

What Makes Blesnia Special?

9 Tourmaline Stones for Targeted Therapy

HeatAuro™ utilizes 9 tourmaline stones to generate therapeutic heat, reaching temperatures up to 50°C (122°F), boosting blood flow, easing muscle tension, and offering soothing relief to your neck.

Portable and Easy to Use

HeatAuro is designed for convenience and portability. With its innovative self-heating technology, there's no need for charging. Take it anywhere - home, office, or on-the-go. Experience therapeutic warmth anytime, anywhere.

Breathable Fabric for Maximum Comfort

HeatAuro prioritizes comfort with breathable fabric for air circulation. Stay cool and dry, free from discomfort and sweat. Relaxation awaits as the wrap gently embraces your neck.

Recommended by the Orthopedic Specialist

- Dr. Isak Voss, MD, Orthopedic Specialist, Riverside Hospital, Denmark

“I highly recommend the HeatAuro tourmaline self-heating neck wrap for its remarkable benefits on the neck. In a recent clinical study, 99% of patients experienced a significant reduction in neck pain and stiffness after using this product for just 2 weeks. This innovative wrap provides targeted heat therapy, promoting blood circulation and relaxation of the neck muscles.”

Pain-Free Days: Eamon's Blesnia Neck Wrap Experience

“I've been battling cervical spondylosis for years. The constant neck pain and stiffness were unbearable. But then I saw the HeatAuro neck wrap. From the very first use, I felt immediate relief. The wrap is easy to put on, and the warmth gently soothes my neck muscles. It's such a comforting sensation.”

How to Use?

  1. Dampen a towel and wipe the skin near the neck.
  2. Wear the product on the neck for faster heating. Expect no fever or slower heating without this step.
  3. If the heat becomes uncomfortable, take it off temporarily and put it back on when ready. Don't mistake it for skin allergies.

Product Specification

  • Product Name: Tourmaline Self-Heating Neck Wrap
  • Length52cm
  • Key Material: 9 pieces of tourmaline stones embedded within the wrap
  • Suitable for: Various groups, including those with chronic neck pain, athletes, office workers, travelers and so on.


  • How does the self-heating feature work?

The neck wrap contains 9 tourmaline stones that generate heat when in contact with the skin, providing soothing warmth.

  • Is the fabric breathable?

Yes, the neck wrap is made with breathable fabric that ensures comfort and prevents excessive sweating during use.

  • Can I wear it while sleeping?

It is not recommended to wear the neck wrap while sleeping to avoid potential discomfort or overheating.

  • Is it safe to use?

Yes, the neck wrap is designed with safety in mind and is made from materials that are safe for use on the skin.

  • Can I wear the neck wrap over clothing?

For optimal effectiveness, it is recommended to wear the neck wrap directly on the skin. However, if preferred, you can wear a thin layer of clothing underneath.

  • How long does it take to heat up?

The neck wrap heats up within a few minutes of contact with the skin, allowing you to experience the warmth quickly.

  • Can I use the neck wrap if I have a pacemaker?

Individuals with pacemakers should avoid using the neck wrap, as the heat-generating elements may interfere with the proper functioning of the pacemaker.


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